Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bedroom Design Client

You know what is important is selling your home? Staging!!! For me I believe in a de-cluttered home with clean lines and spaces BUT I do NOT believe in clearing out everything personal and making your home look sparse. For most people the reason they LOVE show homes is because the home is designed and every room is complete.... that way you can really have the vision of living there. There is a home on my street that hasn't sold in a year and I have seen it... It's huge and SOOO empty. They have removed almost everything in the home and it looks like a warehouse, I could never picture myself living there. Food for thought and another reason why I specialize in "Creative Service" when selling your home!

Today I am excited to show you a design I have ready for a client, she is moving this weekend into a new home and wanted a Master Bedroom re-do. The picture below is an important piece to her and that is what I used to design her space!
I really wanted this room to be inviting but light.... I wanted her to feel feel and relaxed while in her space. This room was also designed on a tight budget and every beautiful piece came from Walmart, Target or TJ Maxx!!

Bedroom Design

The Entire comforter set is only $90 while the sheets are a steal at $34! That area rug is a 5x7 for only $67!!! Everything in this room all together is $524 the chair is the highest item at $179 but that can always be added down the line to bring the price in even lower!!! This is an incredible VALUE for an entire room!!!!!!! I sure hope my client is pleased!!!!

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