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 I am SO excited to share with you all today the reveal of my latest design project. Some parts of the home are still a work in progress but the main level is ready to show off! As I show this off I want to share with you all the process and what I can do for you whether it be stage your home for sale or designing your new house to make it a HOME!

My Design Game Plan:
1. If you remember I posted my inspiration boards a few months ago and this is what I create and then use to present to my client, my game plan for their home. I will also take a look at what you want used pieces that you already own in the home.

2. I will meet with you discuss your wants, needs and most important talk budget. This is the boards I created, click HERE to see them! We will rank what is most important to fit into your budget.

3. Next, I will order everything once we all agree on moving forward. I will then shop for your home and hand make things that I need and my garage will become Santa's workshop for your home! he!

4. Install, I will come into your home and most likely push you out for a day for me to get to work!

5. Reveal!

I was so excited when I saw this home come together and when the homeowner walked back in, the look on their faces made my day. More than my day actually. SO lets get on with this.....

These homeowners recently moved into their new home and it was a BLANK canvas! Literally other than couches in the 2 living quarters the main level was empty, which was fun for me.
 The dining room was literally empty and it was open to the formal living room and the kitchen... so I wanted to make sure everything flowed.
 Both rooms had black leather couches which was a challenge, a more neutral couch is easy to pull in different directions. And like I said earlier, sometimes NOT everything little thing can be done... each room can still be added onto such as curtains in this front room but phase one is a complete success!
 Here was my goal..... This family has 3 small children so this home needed to be easy, homey and work with the family not against them and I couldn't be more pleased.
Here is their new formal living room........
Adding in color makes this place feel welcoming and the HUGE HOME letters help anchor this very large wall! And this is the FIRST thing you see when you walk in, HOME! Which is very fitting isn't it?
 The first thing that had to go in the dining room was that frosted glass chandelier! Get rid of yours people, just by switching out lighting the impact is HUGE! This grey dining set is STUNNING and by adding the metal chairs it makes this room chic but playful! (Since taking this photo I have recently added a HUGE red lighted marquee arrow next to the mirror)
 I LOVE how these two rooms flow so well together, the home owners LOVED them both. And that rug ties everything together perfectly, they were leary about a striped rug but I told them to trust me!
Everything you see is new, I started from scratch on ALL decor, things I have picked up other the last month and then once I am into your home on install day I see where each piece can fit.
How great is that caged lamp on the buffet? I adore it!
At the base of their stairs they had this large empty area so I created a little vignette. (The Halloween decor is from their cute kids) I LOVE mixing prints and this makes this dead space look like such a stylish sitting area, even if no one will ever use it!
My #1 is EVERYTHING looks better in a basket or tray, case in point that vintage laundry basket!
 This is the opposite wall in the Formal Living room and this wall was empty as well. I used the basket below the table as a landing area for things when you enter the home and the clocks add such a playfulness to the space.
The kitchen for them needed to stay functional with 3 small kids so I added a few touches to elevate it. And I was right the bear cookie jar is a HIT!
We warmed up the living room by adding a gallery wall which can constantly be added onto and a sofa table! I am obsessed with this metal sofa table and the lamp continues the use of edison bulbs from the formal dining room! If you notice I used legos as a filler on this table..... my goal was so the kids could play with them but show how you can elevate a home with things you already own.
 I loved creating this wall, I loved surprising the family with how I framed the kids artwork and how the medals are really a showstopper on the wall also. I love framing more than pictures, bringing memories to life is such a personal touch.
I want to thank the family for letting me have run of their home and the master bedroom is still being finished as we speak!! Thank you for letting me post this tour of your beautiful home also.

Would you like a consult on staging? Design? Shoot me an email and I would love to set something up.

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