Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Because I Said I Would.

For a few years now Matt (my husband) has gotten the pleasure of hearing Alex Sheen the Founder of Because I Said I Would. speak at Farmers Events. He always came home excited to share his story with me, so when I saw that Alex was starting a Denver Chapter.... it was a no-brainer for Matt and I. What I love is that most non-profit service groups are just for women but this is for anyone. Matt and I get to serve our community together while better ourselves and our relationship. Here is more..........

Because I said I would is an international social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. Our Denver chapter seeks to end suffering establish peace and build happiness through local volunteer projects. As we help build a stronger community, our members also look to improve as individuals through our personal promises and thought-provoking learning opportunities.

Because I said I would Denver is a force for good in our community. Our members hold a meeting each month to plan unified charitable promises, act as an accountability support group for individual promises and to learn new and interesting ways to get better with commitment. After planning our unified charitable promises, we execute these projects in a separate gathering every month or every two months.


  Accountability Support for Members

1. Work together as a support group to help members meet their commitments and keep their individual promises.

  Unified Charitable Promises in Denver

2. Make and keep unified promises as a team to help people and causes in their local communities.

  Thought-Provoking Content and Learning Topics

3. Improve and refine the practice of keeping promises by learning about how promises and humanity are affected by history, psychology, philosophy and culture. We will also learn practical methods that make us better at keeping promises.
This week Matt and I volunteered with Because I Said I Would and packaged Welcome Boxes for Refugee families new to the US and Denver! Best of all, later this week Matt and I will get the pleasure of delivering 2 boxes to 2 families right before Christmas!
Last month I volunteered by cooking and serving a meal to this wonderful Denver organization that helps children thru the grieving process. 

If you are in Denver and you are looking for ways to give back in the New Year, please join! You can click HERE to learn more about joining! Here is the group at the November meeting with the founder Alex.....

Alex does Ted Talks, does motivational speaking world wide and has a wonderful heart. I also love seeing other people's promises and they can be as small as wanting to work out more to a huge gut wrenching story like this one.....

If you have questions or want to come with me shoot me an email nsavage@live.com our December meeting is tonight!!

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